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The Redondo Beach General Plan FAR for P/I Land Use is Appropriate and Should NOT BE CHANGED

BCHD has made the FAR issue about itself.

Thus, it is appropriate to use BCHD as an example of how larger FARs damage local residents while providing benefits to a supermajority of non-residents.

The Redondo Beach General Plan should maintain 0.75 FAR for most P/I land uses and continue to allow 1.25 FAR for City of Redondo Beach development that benefits a majority or exclusivity of resident-taxpayers of Redondo Beach.

FAR is Floor Area Ratio and it is calculated as SQFT of building/SQFT of lot. For example, the current BCHD site has 312,000 sqft of buildings on a 433,422 sqft parcel with an FAR of 312000/433422 = 0.72. (BCHD data from BCHD's Notice of Preparation for its Environmental Impact Report.)

Residential Torrance property within 1/2-mile of the exiting campus has a reduced value of $65M

Residential Redondo Beach property within 1/2-mile of the exiting campus has a reduced value of $97M

BCHD acknowledges it damages surrounding neighborhoods, but has conducted no analysis.

Increasing P/I FAR will increase damages to surrounding property owners and property value.

As one example, BCHD is currently FAR 0.72. If allowed to increase to FAR 1.25 or greater, the value of surrounding property will decay further. BCHD's HLC will service 91% to 97% non-residents of Redondo Beach.

There is no spot zoning issue as BCHD is attempting to fabricate.

BCHD is not the only parcel to receive a base FAR of 0.75. All other parcels in the P/I land use are proposed as FAR 0.75, except two lone City Parcels that are reserved for City development for RESIDENT-TAXPAYER benefit.

BCHD's proposed Healthy Living Campus is for supermajority non-resident use.

Whether we consider non-residents of Redondo Beach or non-residents of the health district, BCHD's plan is for a supermajority of non-resident enrollees in PACE, a supermajority of non-resident service area in allcove, and a supermajority non-resident tenancy for the assisted living.

BCHD's HLC statistics demonstrate its non-resident use.

BCHD's 100% private development of assisted living will deprive residents of 3 acres of public land for 95 years.

BCHD is planning to lease 3 acres of public P/I land to a 100% private firm (PMB LLC) where BCHD will have 0% ownership. PMB LLC will lease to a supermajority of non-residents at excessive market rates, thereby depriving residents of the value of the land.

BCHD's 100% private assisted living will cost up to one-quarter million dollars per year per room in rent.

BCHD's PACE facility will service 95% to 97% non-residents of the District and Redondo Beach on 100% taxpayer public land.

BCHD's allcove is 91% non-resident service area of the District and 95% non-resident service area of Redondo Beach.

allcove's 91% non-resident service area will pay no rent for a minimum of 30 years on the $4M fair market value taxpayer owned-lot at Flagler & Beryl

As BCHD continues its campaign of using public assets for non-resident services, even the C-2 lot owned by taxpayers of the District will lose 30 years of value and revenue to 91% non-residents.


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