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BCHD is not being a good neighbor. No one should be forced into the shadow of a commercial building that's 100-feet tall and 400-times bigger than your house.

You oppose BCHDs Overdevelopment Project if you:

Believe in a Right to Privacy - How would you like a neighbor with windows and decks over 100-feet above you?

Breathe Air - There's 5 years of construction and traffic, then 50 years more of traffic and emissions.

Drive - No matter what BCHD claims, hauling 400 people in and out every day and building a 10-story parking ramp causes more traffic.

Enjoy Peace & Quiet - BCHD plans 5 years of construction noise at levels up to gas-powered leaf blowers and loud motorcycles ALL DAY LONG.

Support the Public Use of Public Land - Why should a public agency lease Public Land bought with Public Taxpayer Funds to Private Developers?

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