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Why Do Taxpayers Pay a $55/month Subsidy for each BCHD CHF Member - Resident or Non-Resident?

Taxpayers subsidize the BCHD gym (the CHF) by $1,406,691 per year. According to the latest CEO report, there are 2,124 members at the CHF. That's $662/year or $55/month that taxpayers pay to subsidize every member - RESIDENT or NON-RESIDENT.

That level of inefficiency of operations cannot be tolerated. BCHD Board and $2.3M per year of Executives must be held accountable for such pathetic performance.

Taxpayers pay a PREMIUM EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT COST to BCHD, why do we get pathetic performance? See details of BCHD compared to an efficient Health District at

From BCHD Budget:

From BCHD CEO Report:

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