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No Jane Diehl - South Bay Hospital was NOT Built for 80-96% NON-RESIDENTS. Read the Court Order.

Like Poster, Diehl also seems to have no respect for the taxes and investment paid by the cities that founded, fund and own BCHD. Why should we ever use our public land for 50-100 years to serve 80% non-resident assisted living, 91% non-resident "allcove" youth care, and 96% non-resident PACE? Also, those are for all 3 beach cities. If we just look at Redondo Beach, it's more like 90% non-residents for assisted living, 95% non-residents for youth care, and 98% non-residents for PACE.

BCHD Board Member Jane Apparently Never Read the Founding Documents of the District

The Court documents filed by the District were clear "benefit of the residents of the District". No the South Bay. Not LA County. Surely not Long Beach. Not the rest of California. Not the rest of the US.

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