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Comment - P/I and BCHD

Since BCHD is choosing to make this about themselves - here are the FACTS of the Healthy Living Campus from (1) LA County Dept of Public Health, (2) National PACE Association and (3) BCHD's MDS Assisted Living Market Study

BCHD's HLC is being built for 80% to 95% NON-RESIDENT/NON-TAXPAYERS of the District. That's the ONLY REASON BCHD proposes nearly 800,000 sqft (larger than all Beryl Heights homes added together).

If BCHD wants a 1.25 FAR (like the City of Redondo proposes for RESIDENT FACILITIES), then BCHD MUST COMMIT to RESIDENT FACILITIES FOR THE DISTRICT RESIDENTS. Otherwise, the 0.75 seems wholly appropriate to avoid a massive, COMMERCIAL development of PUBLIC LAND leased to PRIVATE DEVELOPERS.

ALLCOVE services LA County Health's SPA8 area - that's 1.4M residents and only 120,000 are District. ALLCOVE is 91% NON-RESIDENT/NON-TAXPAYER on PI public land.

PACE is 400 enrollees per BCHD's investment bankers (Cain). But, the District only needs 17 of those spots, since only 1-in-1000 seniors uses PACE and there's fewer than 17,000 seniors in the District. The other 383 enrollees will be NON-RESIDENT/NON-TAXPAYERS on PI public land.

ASSISTED LIVING has 3 studies from BCHD's MDS consultants that show BY ZIP CODE that 80% of tenants will be from outside 90254/90266/90277/90278. Furthermore the assisted living is 100% privately developed/owned/operated in a PI public land area. That's 80% NON-RESIDENT/NON-TAXPAYER

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