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Updated: May 27, 2022

A summary of BCHD false and unsupported statements that its 110-foot above Beryl & Flagler, 800,000 sqft development is compatible with surrounding neighborhoods:

-Except for the “Penthouse” mechanical room, 514 hospital is under 52-feet.

-The 968-sqft, 76-foot tall “Penthouse” is nearly centered in the campus, minimizing its mass and visual impacts. The proposal is on the lot’s edge, which fails to respect natural terrain and MAXIMIZES impacts.

-Only 968-sqft of the all of the campus buildings are 76-feet tall. Over 311,000-sqft are under 52-feet.

-510 and 520 MOBs are both under 52-feet.

-BCHD plans to build 300,000-sqft at 83-feet above its interior courtyard and 109.7-feet above Beryl & Flagler streets. That would be 30,000% more building at heights that EXCEED the current 968-sqft mechanical "Penthouse".

BCHD has determined that the 514 hospital is seismically defective and must be demolished, therefore, it should not be included at all in the analysis making the tallest height under 50-feet. BCHD must be challenged at the City and held to the SAME STANDARDS as the P-CF zoned Kensington that was 34-feet and under and NOT built on a 30-foot elevated site.

Based on BCHDs own renderings (overlaid by our team), the new building is shown to be completely out of bulk and scale with the surrounding neighborhoods and the prior 514 Hospital Building. BCHD deliberately concealed such simple comparisons that easily make the point of the lack of compatibility. In addition, the campus design is for nearly 800,000-sqft, nearly tripling the current 312,000 sqft. That is 150% the size of CenterCal Mall-by-the-Sea and nearly 3 times as tall.

Note: One can BARELY see the current hospital, even with its red herring 76-foot, 968-sqft "penthouse". Of only the 99% of the campus buildings that are 52-feet and under are appropriately considered, BCHD current building completely covers the existing 514 building by 3rd floor.

See this article on the absurd methodology in use by BCHD to assert a 76-foot current height.

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