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Why Did BCHD CEO Bakaly Claim He Built a Hospital in Park City During a BCHD Board Meeting?

So at 15 minutes deep in the January 2022 BCHD Board meeting, CEO Bakaly claimed that he built a hospital in Park City when he was City Manager.

Since we had never heard that claim before, we asked for supporting evidence from BCHD and their reply was "No Documents Responsive". That's pretty suspicious, although BCHD has apparently withheld documents and information from the public before on Public Records Act Requests.

According the Park City newspaper, Bakaly was there from 2003-12. So, we started looking for hospitals that were built.

Knowing the founding family of the Engineering News Record we asked them for information and they provided that the hospital was built by a large medical facility owner and operator.

So what did Bakaly mean by "a little bit of health experience" because "we built a hospital." The Park City Medical Center appears from Intermountain Health Care to have been just another of their projects.

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