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Wealthy Living Campus: 3 Stupid Mistakes of the BCHD CEO and Board

Notice, we don't say ONLY 3 or THE 3 STUPID MISTAKES. Just 3. There are probably hundreds more to be covered.

#1 - Leasing 3 acres to a Private Developer/Owner/Operator for 95 Years for only $1,500,000 per year.

The site that BCHD now sits on was condemned by the South Bay Hospital District for the benefit of the "residents who reside" in the District. Leasing one-third of the site to a private, for-profit, developer/owner/operator deprives the residents of the District of the land's benefits for FOUR GENERATIONS! BCHD is making an intergenerational theft of benefits.

#2 - Agreeing to lease back 30,000 sqft of the Private Developer/Owner/Operator's building for $1,571,698 per year - thereby LOCKING IN a NET LOSS.

BCHD leased about 10% of the building space for 20 years for: 1) BCHD Community Service Office Space, 2) "allcove" (91% non-resident services) and 3) PACE (95% non-resident services). It is unimaginable that the District needs such expensive new space for worker space, or for 90%+ non-residents. This terrible deal by BCHD guarantees that "residents who reside" in the District are both denied use of the land, and also denied any net payments for 65-95 years of the lease.

#3 - Developing a Campus for the Benefit of 80-95% NON-RESIDENTS of the 3 Beach Cities that Formed, Funded, and Continue to Fund BCHD

Phase 1 of the campus, the roughly 300,000 sqft and 107-foot, 6-inch tall building that BCHD self-approved in the EIR is almost exclusively for the use of non-residents. The assisted living that is owned and operated by the private developer is 80% non-residents according to BCHD's consultant MDS (note, BCHD had the study completed 3 times a taxpayer expense with the same answer each time - 80% non-residents). BCHD has 0% ownership and 0% profit for taxpayers.

The space that BCHD rents from the developer is for 91% non-residents in "allcove" based on the BCHD press releases of the expansive are served all the way to population 500,000 Long Beach. The space that BCHD rents from the developer is also for 95% non-residents in the PACE program. Resident, Taxpayer-owners of BCHD only receive 5-20% of the benefits and 100% of the DAMAGES from construction, loss of land use, and operational noise, pollution, traffic, etc.

It is hard to imagine a worse outcome for the current - and next 4 generations - of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach Taxpayers and Residents.

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