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Redondo Beach P-CF (P/I) Zoning has had 0.75 FAR in the GPAC Process for 2 years

Public Comment: All agencies and electeds

The public record of the GPAC and of public comments is progressive and extensive on the matter of Public/Institution FAR. With the exception of member Lamb, no written comments appear on the topic of the FAR (subject to check) by other GPAC members.

As is clear to any reader, there is a robust discussion/simulation/documentation of the impacts of height, mass, and FAR differences in Public (P-CF) usage submitted to the record. The damaging impact of excessive FAR development is demonstrated with visualizations.

In addition, the GPAC had a paid consulting firm to provide support, analysis and respond to questions. As typical public committees go, GPAC was relatively resource rich during its operation.


1) The assignment of 0.75 FAR for most P/I/O (Public zoning) is consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods.

2) Furthermore, removing the subjectiveness of the FAR determination from the CUP process for P-CF is consistent with the State mandate of objective standards in planning and design requirements and remove (to the extent possible) the subjective standards.

PUBLIC COMMENT DEC 7, 2020 "BCHD is the only incompatible zoning use in Redondo Beach in a P-CF zone"

Email with 6-page simulation attachment comparing P-CF implementations in the City of Redondo Beach

BCHD is identified as a clear land use outlier

Provided to the Planning Director and City Clerk for distribution

PUBLIC COMMENT APRIL 7, 2021 "Comments on Significant Visual Character Impacts of the BCHD Project"

26-page Google Earth-based simulation of BCHD's proposed roughly 100-foot tall, 800,000 sf Phase 1 & 2 project.

Provided to demonstrate the negative impacts of height, mass, and high FAR

Provided to both PlanRedondo and the Planning Director for distribution

PUBLIC COMMENT JUNE 7, 2021 "BCHDs Proposed Overdevelopment is Inconsistent with More Current P-CF Zoned Development"

6-page detailed analysis of ALL P-CF zoned sites in Redondo Beach demonstrating how existing uses are reflect an outlier.

Demonstrates the negative impacts visually of height, mass, and FAR in varying neighborhoods

Provided to City Council, City Clerk, and Planning Director for distribution

GPAC 24 AGENDA PACKET FAR EXCERPT (0.75 to 1.25) 03312022

GPAC 25 FAR DRAFT EXCERPT (0.1 to 1.0) 08312022 FOR Public Facility

GPAC 25 FAR EXPECTED (0.75 to 1.25) 08312022

MEMBER LAMB CLARIFYING COMMENT EXCERPT TO THE RECORD (FAR 1.25 for only 2 City properties) 08252022

GPAC 26 FAR EXPECTED (0.75 to 1.25) (EXCERPT) 09292022 MEETING HANDOUT (unchanged from GPAC 25)

Conclusion - Except for two City of Redondo Beach uses, the P-CF (P/I) FAR is 0.75.

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