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Poster Question of the Day (4/9) - The Resident-Taxpayer Loss of $7.5M of Free Land Rent to allcove

Dear Ms Poster:

BCHD has stated that it will forgo the $250,000 in land rent from the $4M taxpayer-owned lot where the allcove building will be built. Since BCHD was required to accept a 30 year operations and maintenance agreement for the building as a condition of funding, it will deprive District Residents of 30 x $250,000 or at least $7.5M in services that otherwise could have been provided to them with the allcove site rent.

How will Resident Taxpayers of the District be reimbursed for BCHD's donation to the 91% District non-resident allcove service area of $7.5M in Land Rent?

What services will be denied Resident Taxpayers due to the $7.5M donation to allcove of public land rent free?

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