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Poster Question of the Day (4/12) - Excessive Taxpayer Funding for allcove

Dear Ms Poster:

The allcove service area is by legal contract all of LA County SPA8. That is 1.4M population and the District represents only 9%. Therefore only 9% of allcove expenses are the responsibility of taxpayers of the District.

BCHD has committed to build a minimum 30 year operating facility for allcove in return for only 60% of the funding needed for the allcove buildling.

BCHD expects District Taxpayers to pay $4M of the building's $10M cost.

BCHD has provided a Public Records Act response that it will use a $4M Taxpayer-owned land parcel for the allcove building without any compensation to District Taxpayers.

BCHD expects District Taxpayers to "donate" $7.5M in "free" land rent to allcove ($250K/yr * 30 years)

BCHD has no forward funding source to operate allcove or the allcove building for the required 30 years.

BCHD has obligated District Taxpayers to pay the $60M in operating costs for the required 30 year allcove and building operation if BCHD cannot find grant funding.

BCHD is proposed a possible $30M bond fund for partial allcove funding.

BCHD wants to obligate Taxpayers to pay any and all costs of allcove.

Why is BCHD even considering ANY COSTS that are more than the pro rata 9% service area share of District Taxpayers?

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