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Poster Question of the Day (4/11) - allcove's 91% District Non-Resident Service Area building requires DISTRICT FUNDING from Residents and lost services

Dear Ms Poster:

allcove's service area is LA County SPA8 and is 91% Non-Residents of the District. BCHD is from $2M to $4M deficit in funding to construct the allcove building. BCHD has already donated $7.5M in Resident-Taxpayer funding in the form of free land rent to allcove. BCHD is also obligated to operate the building for at least 30 years by State contract and the expenses could exceed $30M in Resident-Taxpayer funding.

Given that BCHD is already funding $37.5M of allcove expenses over the life of the 91% non-resident service area project's building, should BCHD Resident-Taxpayers provide the additional $2M to $4M in funding to complete construction as well?

Such an act further denies BCHD Resident-Taxpayers $2M to $4M more in services. That is a total in excess of $40M of Resident-Taxpayer direct liability, in-kind lost revenues, or direct tax payments.

How will Resident Taxpayers of the District be reimbursed for BCHD's $40M+ total Resident-Taxpayer obligation to the 91% non-resident service area allcove program building?

What services will be taken from Resident-Taxpayers by BCHD in order to service the 91% Non-Resident allcove based on the $40M+ in lost Resident-Taxpayer revenues for Resident Programs?


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