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Poster Question of the Day (4/10) - The Resident-Taxpayer Risk from BCHD's 30-year allcove Building Obligation

Dear Ms Poster:

BCHD has agreed to accept approximately $6M from the State as partial payment to build an allcove building. The building will be built on the Flagler & Beryl lot and Resident-Taxpayers will receive no rent from the $4M+ site. Additionally, BCHD was forced to accept a 30-year, unfunded obligation to operate the building. The cost of operation is unknown.

Assuming an annual cost of $1M, BCHD Resident-Taxpayers would be denied $30M of services over the 30 year period.

How will Resident Taxpayers of the District be reimbursed for BCHD's excessive risk from the 30 year, unfunded obligation of the allcove building?

What services will be denied Resident Taxpayers due to the $30M unfunded obligation of the allcove building?

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