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MEDIA RELEASE - BCHD EasyReader Misrepresentation 7/7/2022

For Immediate Release - Media Statement from Regarding BCHDs EasyReader Misrepresentation of July 7, 2022 Stop BCHD <>Thu, Jul 7, 1:01 PM (3 days ago) We thank the media for their efforts to keep local resident opposition to BCHD's proposed 100-foot above the street, 800,000 sqft (larger than all the Beryl Heights homes added together) in the public eye. provided the ER with background material on the organization as reference for its article. For Immediate Release from /

Media Statement from Regarding BCHDs EasyReader Misrepresentation of July 7, 2022 Yet again, Bakaly and BCHD misrepresent their actions with the so-called Healthy Living Campus. The 2019 BCHD proposal had roughly 700,000 sf of surface buildings and 160,000 sf of underground parking. For self-economic reasons, BCHD reduced the bed count of the assisted living, and at the same time, added an 8-10 story parking ramp, increasing surface buildings to nearly 800,000 sf. TALLER and BIGGER has been the BCHD response to public input from surrounding neighborhoods, and any other statement by BCHD is misrepresentation. Bakaly and BCHD only seek to meet with any public groups in order to "check off the box" and then falsely claim the project was modified per the discussions. BCHD's track record of cooperation with the 1,200 petitioners and 300+ written commenters deserves an F grade at best. BCHD used Wood PLC, a UK-based oilfield services company to conduct the BCHD self-approved environmental impact analysis. That poor effort was not considered adequate, nor protective, of the health and safety of the neighbors. BCHD is placing a 16,000V substation, a 4,000V transformer, a power plant and an explosive fuel storage supply on Diamond street, 50-100 feet from homes. That is not protective of the neighborhoods. BCHD is fully aware of the neighborhoods' requests. BCHD need only look at The Kensington at PCH and Knob hill with 100+ units in 100,000 sqft on roughly 1.5 acres at under 35-feet tall to gain a FULL understanding of appropriate integration into the neighborhood. BCHD's opulent, ocean view palaces are 220 units in a 300,000 sqft 6-story, 108-foot 8-inches above the street concrete compound. BCHD reports the 108+ foot building height in its official documents to the City, yet, continues with its 82-foot height misrepresentation in the media and its torrent of press releases. BCHD also reports the current hospital is 76-feet tall. A single, 968 sqft (0.3% of floor space) is 76-feet tall. The other 99%+ of BCHD campus buildings are 52-feet or less. Furthermore, the "penthouse" at BCHD is located nearly dead center in the campus, making its visual height less than 3rd floor of the perimeter construction adjacent to homes that BCHD proposes at nearly 110-feet tall. The cities, by Municipal Code, must protect the residents. BCHD has no such obligation, and has demonstrated its lack of cooperation with the surrounding residents. All indications are that BCHD plans to barrel ahead with the hope of spending Taxpayer-owner funds in litigation to bully the neighborhoods into submission. What's another $1M from Hermosa, Redondo, and Manhattan Beach residents for BCHD HLC legal fees? Perhaps BCHD should rename it the Wealthy Legal Campus? ###

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