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Letter to the Editor - How can BCHD spend $1.2M in Taxes for a Bike Path past 6 Houses?

There are only 6 homes on the dead end Diamond block from Prospect to the Torrance border in Flagler Alley. ONLY SIX.


BCHD is spending $1.2M of our tax money on a 200-foot long section of bike path on a one block dead end of Diamond Street that goes past a total of six homes. That cost is about $6,000 per foot when the California Policy Institute states that adding a freeway lane is just over $500 per foot. How can BCHD charge taxpayers 12-times as much for a bike lane on an existing road and alley than Caltrans would charge to add a lane to I-5 on the way to San Francisco? Thankfully Torrance had the common sense to deny BCHD's attempt to add more bike lane all the way to Beryl Street. That's 12-times as long, and we can't afford another $12M of BCHD overcharges to taxpayers.

Public Comment: Torrance and Redondo Beach City Councils

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