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LALAFCO Tells BCHD Residents to Vote Out the Board or Dissolve the District - Our Only Options

LALAFCO's perverted decisions at the 9/14/22 meeting have damaged the rights of District Residents. The District told the Superior Court that it was formed for the benefit of the residents who reside in the District - NOT NON-RESIDENTS.

But LALAFCO has determined that the BCHD Board's LUST to expand and serve over 80 to 95% NON-RESIDENTS is acceptable. Residents of the District FORMED, FUNDED and CONTINUE TO FUND the District. Not non-residents.

The members of LALAFCO need to hear from you that they have failed the District residents.

The BCHD Board needs to be voted out - or - BCHD needs to be Dissolved.

Here's the email addresses of the LALAFCO - tell them they failed to protect the Residents of BCHD. (Holly Mitchell) (Kathryn Barger) (Margaret Finlay) (Mike Davitt) (Donald Dear) (Francine Oschin)

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