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Example #5 - BCHD Refuses to Listen to the Neighborhood - BCHD Doesn't Care about Property Values

BCHD is obligated by Redondo Beach Municipal Code to protect property values from reduction due to its project. Our analysis shows BCHD has already taken $50M in property value from Redondo Beach property within 1/2-mile. BCHD replies it has done NO ANALYSIS of its damages. BCHD Doesn't LISTEN!

Surrounding neighborhoods are concerned that BCHD's 110-ft tall "Peeping Tom" building will devastate privacy and destroy property values. In a recent EasyReader article, CEO Bakaly refused to even MENTION property values. That's been BCHD's position for YEARS now. Property values of surrounding neighborhoods DON'T MATTER!

An explicit Purpose of Redondo Beach Municipal Code 10-2.2502 Planning Commission Design Review is to "protect property values ... of neighborhoods." THAT IS BCHD's Legal OBLIGATION!

When BCHD was questioned using the California Public Records Act, it replied that IT HAD DONE NO STUDIES OF PROPERTY VALUE IMPACTS BY BCHD - past, present or future!

PRR <>Tue, Oct 5, 2021, 2:41 PM Please see below for the District’s response (in red) to your public records request received 9/29/21 that reads: 1. Provide all studies demonstrating the impact of the current BCHD on surrounding property values. No documents responsive.

2. Provide all studies demonstrating the impact of the proposed BCHD self-certified project on surrounding property values. No documents responsive. If you believe we have not correctly interpreted your request, please resubmit your request with a description of the identifiable record or records that you are seeking. Thank you.

Because BCHD refuses to uphold its obligation to protect property values, we rented commercial data, conducted econometric analysis and concluded that homes in Redondo Beach within 1/2-mile have seen a $50M reduction in value.

$50,000,000 Loss! Closest Homes Are Hit the Hardest!

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