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Ending the BCHD Doublespeak on Assisted Living Tenancy - 80% of the RCFE is Target at Non-Residents

80% of the benefits of the RCFE built on property paid for by the three Beach Cities and accompanying six DECADES of ongoing funding will be handed over to Non-resident/Non-taxpayers with no contribution to the District.

BCHD paid taxpayer funds for three Market Studies of the need and use of assisted living. If BCHD has no confidence in its studies, then it should due the vendor and recover precious taxpayer funds.

The vendor, MDS, in its Exhibit 3-3 and accompanying statement "it has already been assumed that 30% of the absorption [i.e., Tenant Occupancy] will represent in-migration coming from outside the defined Primary Market Area" yields the data showing the 80.7% of RCFE tenants will be Non-Resident/Non-Taxpayers of the three Beach Cities that founded, fund, and continue to fund and own BCHD.

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