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Does BCHD Know How Much it Spends on RESIDENTS of the District?

In the EasyReader, BCHD CEO threatens that if BCHD doesn't allow the private Developer/Owner/Operator PMB LLC to use our PUBLIC land for 95 years then"Bakaly said BCHD services would be cut by 15 to 17 percent."

Does a 15% to 17% cut matter? Since BCHD spends heavily on NON-RESIDENT services, couldn't BCHD easily absorb a 20% cut even without impacting ANY RESIDENT services?

For example:

84% of Covid tests were non-residents,

45% of Covid vaxx were non-residents,

80% of the assisted living will be non-residents,

91% of the "allcove" service area are non-residents,

95% of the PACE enrollees will be non-residents,

30-40% of CHF members are heavily subsidized non-residents, etc. etc. etc.

Two years ago we asked BCHD for spending on services by zip code of residence of the person provided the services. BCHD replied "NO DOCUMENTS RESPONSIVE"

Recently, we've asked BCHD again to provide services spending by zip code of the person served so that we can learn if 50% of BCHD funding leaves the district or 25% or 15%.

We'll see - but BCHD spent from 1993 to about 2022 without program budgets, or cost-accounting or public benefits analysis, so we aren't expecting BCHD's performance to be above a "D" level. Last time it was an "F".

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1 Comment

Patrick Wickens
Apr 28, 2023

How much does BCHD spending exceed its income by????

***both in $ and % ????

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