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Beach Cities Gaslighting District is a well informed grassroots group that has been attempting to assure BCHD compliance with both neighborhood input and the requirements of the Redondo Beach Municipal Code. You can add yourself to the great many concerned citizens by emailing to subscribe.

In light of BCHD’s claims of “misinformation,” here’s a list of key issues and facts in the BCHD proposed commercial development project by PMB LLC.

Ownership: PMB LLC, a private company, is the developer/owner/operator of the planned nearly 300,000 square foot, 107.5 foot tall building that will run along Beryl and Flagler streets. PMB LLC will spend $1.5M a year to lease 3 acres of Public Owned and Zoned (P-CF) land and control it with a lease for up to 95 years. BCHD has a 0% ownership share, this is a private commercial building. (Cain Bros 9/28/22 @ BCHD Board Meeting, Pgs 1 & 5 of Cain Bros presentation)

BCHD is a Renter: BCHD plans to rent shiny new space from PMB LLC in PMB’s building. BCHD will pay $1.57M a year in rent back to PMB. PMB will effectively get free land from BCHD and an extra $70K in the transaction. And BCHD’s $1.57M annual rent payments support over 90% non-resident services. (Cain Bros 9/28/22 @ BCHD Board Meeting, Pg 7)

Permitting: The City of Redondo Beach must issue one or more permits to allow the new building’s construction. Redondo Beach must also protect its residents from property value declines, damages to neighborhood character, and enforce a host of other Redondo Beach Municipal Code protections. (RBMC Conditional Use Permit, Planning Commission Design Review, Residential Design Guidelines)

Shilling for PMB Permits: BCHD doesn’t have the experience or financial resources to develop, own or operate the proposed 300,000 square foot building. Therefore, it is leasing land to PMB, a commercial developer. However, BCHD continues to shill for PMB at the City of Redondo Beach, using BCHD’s public agency status to develop a 100% private development project. BCHD owns 0% of the commercial PMB building and will pay more rent to PMB that BCHD collects from PMB. (Cain Bros 11/10/21 @ BCHD Finance Committee Pg 7)

Assisted Living Use: PMB LLC is the 100% owner-operator of the proposed assisted living. The average per person rent will be over $11,000 per month according to BCHD’s $2M investment banker’s presentation. BCHD reports show that 91% of the assisted living tenants will be non-residents of Redondo Beach. (Cain Bros 9/28/22 @ BCHD Board Meeting, Pg 1)

Allcove Use: BCHD’s contracted service area for Allcove is 1.4M people. That means that 95% of the service area of Allcove is comprised of non-residents of Redondo Beach to be serviced in private PMB building space rented by BCHD. (Census population analysis of cities in SPA8. Redondo Beach 70K residents out of 1.4M total service area BCHD signed up for.)

PACE Use: National PACE Association statistics show that 97% of the PACE facility in the PMB building will be non-residents of Redondo Beach to be serviced in private PMB building space rented by BCHD. (Census population analysis of PACE enrollee rates from demonstrating only 0.1% of seniors use PACE. RB census data shows only 9400 seniors, therefore only 9 of the 400 proposed PACE enrollees will be residents)

Damages: The proposed PMB private development is roughly the same size as the entire existing campus buildings, except its built on the edge of the site up against homes. 100% of the the damages from 91% to 97% non-residents of Redondo Beach – the traffic, privacy impacts, incompatible commercial buildings, noise, etc. will burden Redondo Beach residents. (Summary of data above)

Gaslighting: Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. They define it as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for one's own advantage.” For several years now, BCHD has declared every view by the public that disagrees with its privatization of 3 acres of public land as “misinformation.” That is the very definition of gaslighting and it’s being done by BCHD. They spent about $1M on advertising on their proposed Wealthy Living Campus. That’s taxpayer funded gaslighting by BCHD against the residents and taxpayers that own it. It’s time to clear up the gaslighting by BCHD regarding the Healthy (Wealthy) Living Campus through facts. (CBRE @ BCHD Board 11/17/22, Pg 12. Project Legal Fees $2M+, Project Marcom $800K+)

Conclusion: Redondo Beach residents need to be protected from the damages of the proposed private PMB development on our Public Zoned land. We deserve a Measure DD vote – this is public land being converted to private use – just like Kensington and RBUSD – and that required a Measure DD vote. PMB LLC needs to comply with ALL protections of the Redondo Beach Municipal Code. A 107.5 foot tall, 300,000 sqft building up against 30 foot tall neighborhoods is unacceptable. (Height and size, BCHD filing Pre-CUP Feb 2022 @ City of Redondo Beach)

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