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BCHD's Misleading $30M Bond Funding Survey

BCHD refused to tell taxpayers that allcove has a 91% non-resident service area, that the assisted living will be 80% non-resident tenants, and that the PACE facility will only have 17 District residents out of 400 enrollees based on National PACE Association data.


Based on a California Public Records Act request, we know that BCHD refused to tell the WHOLE TRUTH to the survey recipients - probably to game the answers?

Please see below (in red) for the District’s response to your public records request received 5/17/24 that reads:

As part of the exploration of a bond, this spring the District hired a public policy research firm, FM3 (Los Angeles), to conduct a survey of 650 beach cities respondents between April 13 and April 18. Results found that 66% of likely voters in the three beach cities believe there is a need to fund local community health and wellness services, an increase of 14% from a similar survey in fall 2021.


1. Provide documents demonstrating that the BCHD polling disclosed that the HLC is expected to be 80% to 95% non-resident benefit based on Service Area, PACE enrollee, and RCFE tenants.

No responsive records


2. Provide documents demonstrating that the polling disclosed that allcove Beach Cities has a Service Area of SPA8 and is 91% non-resident of the District population

No responsive records


3. Provide documents demonstrating that the polling disclosed that BCHD consultant MDS study found that zipcodes 90254, 90266, 90277, 90278 contain only 20% of the RCFE tenant

No responsive records


4. Provide documents demonstrating that the polling disclosed that only 1 in 1000 seniors uses PACE, and there only 17 of the 400 enrollees in PACE at BCHD are anticipated by the National PACE Association data to be residents

No responsive records

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