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BCHD's Losses at the Health Club and AdventurePlex - 2023 Budget Data

TAKEAWAYS: BCHD loses $500K a year on its health operations, BCHD charges nearly $200K a year in executive overheads, BCHD spends $150K a year in taxpayer subsidies on Non-Resident users.

The Health Club has about 2000 members according to the recent CEO report.

The 2022-23 Budget data shows a loss of about $500,000 for combined Health Club and AdventurePlex operations, with about 50% of that loss coming from bloated management overheads above and beyond the onsite management that should be rightly characterized as operations.

CHF Direct Loss - $1,077,000 - 1,206,000 = about $200K

AdventurePlex Direct Loss - $623,000 - 806,000 = about $175K

Executive Overheads - $179,000

Taxpayers forced to subsidize inefficient operations and bloated management with $491,000 in property tax revenues. Based on BCHD PRR data, 33.5% or over $150,000 of that subsidy flows out to NON-RESIDENT members.

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