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BCHD's Board Saddled Taxpayers with allcove's 30-Year, $50M Obligation with NO ANALYSIS

allcove's service area is LA County Health's SPA8. That's 1.4M population from Avalon to Long Beach. District population is only 9%, meaning that 91% of the investment and cost is for the NON-RESIDENT service area.

HOWEVER - this is an UNFUNDED PROGRAM and the 30-year obligation is estimated at nearly $50M to DISTRICT TAXPAYERS.

Why is it estimated? Because BCHD was UNABLE or UNWILLING to conduct the analysis before signing TAXPAYERS UP FOR 30 YEARS.

The grant from the State for the allcove building REQUIRES that the building be operated for a minimum of 30 years. THAT IS A LIABILITY OF THE DISTRICT RESIDENT TAXPAYERS.

BCHD's Board and Executives ($2.3M per year payroll) have failed in their fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers by refusing to conduct any analysis of the 30-year liability obligation.


Please see below (in red) for the District’s response to your public records request received 11/2/23 that reads:

According to the grant for construction funding, the allcove building must operate for a minimum 30 years as a mental health facility.

  1. Provide all analysis completed by BCHD to establish the PV cost of the facility to taxpayers, including but not limited to, taxes, utilities, operations, maintenance, etc.

BCHD Says: No records – See note below.

  1. Provide all 30 year guaranteed funding that can offset the obligation incurred by taxpayers in #1 above.

BCHD Says: Current operating grant has been awarded through June 30, 2026.

Please find more information on the District’s allcove site about the current funding and note below. (through June 30, 2026 only)


  1. Provide all analysis demonstrating the level of encumbrance of the 30 year obligation on District assets.

BCHD Says: No records – See note below.

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