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BCHD Plan Fails RBMC 10-2.2502 Planning Commission Design Review Sect b(2) "Respect Natural Terrain"

Updated: May 31, 2022

BCHD fails to respect the natural terrain of its elevated site, especially due to the declining elevation surrounding the site.

-BCHD proposes nearly 110-feet above the closest streets (Beryl & Flagler)

-BCHD proposes to build on the site perimeter, instead of in the center as the District has done previously

-BCHD proposes outward facing opening doors and balconies that will diminish privacy and increase noise levels to existing residential uses

Mandatory Changes to the BCHD Plan

The City of Redondo Beach must enforce this provision of the RBMC to protect the surrounding residents. As demonstrated, BCHD has clearly NOT respected the natural terrain of the Public site. The BCHD facility must be lower, must be further away from the site perimeter, and must not use outward opening doors and windows on balconies in order to isolate the noise travel from the elevated site.

The City PROTECTED Residents With Restrictions on the Assisted Living on P-CF Public Owned and Zoned Land

BCHD's proposal is taller than 99.7% of the existing campus buildings and 300-times more sqft OVER 52-feet than the existing campus buildings. As you can see from the evidence below - the proposed building does not respect the elevated campus in location, size or height.

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