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BCHD Ministry of Propaganda Series: PACE Planning in the Shadows

In a recent Public Records Act response from BCHD - it refused to disclose any of its planning for the 95% non-resident enrollee PACE facility on the 100% resident owned campus.


Please see below (in bold) for the District’s response to your public records request received 2/19/24 that reads:

Provide ALL DOCUMENTS associated with the current PACE planning.

To the extent that your request seeks records that are not related to final determinations, or to records that have not already been published, such information remains privileged by the District.

StopBCHD's PUBLIC RESPONSE TO BCHD and Other Agencies:

Thank you.

BCHD continues to operate in the shadows, outside the review of the resident-taxpayers that founded and funded the District for the benefit of residents who reside within the District.

As BCHD is well aware, analysis has been presented from National PACE Association data demonstrating that only 1 in 1000 seniors uses PACE services and that there are fewer than 17,000 seniors who reside in the District. As such, the need for PACE is for only 17 District enrollees per the National PACE Association data.

BCHD needs to rely on analysis, and not conjecture.

Recent demonstrations of conjecture by BCHD include PRR responses stating:

1) BCHD failed to conduct lifecycle taxpayer liability analysis for the unfunded liability of allcove

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