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BCHD & its $1.2M Bike Path

Take a good hard look. BCHD spent $400K+ already and is out for bids for another $800K of construction. The total length of the bike path is under 400-feet. More than 200-feet is existing, 4 lane, paved road that needs patching and paint for use. The remainder is the former Flagler Alley, 2 lane, paved road that needs clean up, patching, and paint for use.

If this entire 400-feet were a 2-lane concrete driveway, the estimated cost from dirt to driveway with permits is $40K max. Not $1.2M

If this were a single lane of freeway, the estimated cost to construct from dirt to freeway land is $200K. $200K gets you CALTRANS FREEWAY SIZED LAND! Not $1.2M

BCHD is squandering limited Measure M money. Let competent City public works departments handle this instead of a "special" district.

It's SPECIAL alright. Special markups? Special executive pay?

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