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BCHD is trying to sneak special treatment into the RB General Plan - We've Seen this Show Before

Straight to business - we need your action to stop BCHD from another attempted blindside to the PUBLIC - We've seen mysterious changes in zoning, etc. pop up as proposals before with NO ONE claiming responsibility - but with BCHD as the obvious beneficiary



Public Comment to Council, Planning Commission, City Attorney, GPAC


The special carve out at LU20 Policy LU 4.7 is apparently intended to support BCHD's construction of an oversized, inconsistent and incompatible FAR 2.0, 110-foot tall, 792,520 sqft compound in the midst of residential 30-foot and commercial 30-foot limits is both unacceptable and optically the fruit of a $300,000 BCHD consultant's participation in GPAC (Chair Biro, consultant to BCHD). As the City is well aware, Chair Biro's removal from GPAC has been called for since he and his firm became high paid consultants and advocates on behalf of BCHD. This policy is UNACCEPTABLE and denies the rights of surrounding neighborhoods to be free from property value damages, privacy invasion, noise in excess of Federal limits, and a host of other health and property use damages. IT MUST BE REMOVED.

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