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BCHD Has Full Knowledge of StopBCHD's Resident Needs

BCHD and CEO Bakaly need to learn how to read apparently. Instead they are too busy in the media lying that they don't know what the surrounding neighborhoods' needs are.

The reason that neighborhood groups refuse to meet any more times with BCHD, is because BCHD simply lies about reducing the project's height and size and continues to leave the project ON THE EDGE of a 30-foot elevated lot ABOVE THE NEIGHBORS.

Neighbors and groups such as StopBCHD and its residents have literally filed THOUSANDS OF PAGES of comments on the defects of the design and how to fix those fatal defects. BCHD IGNORED THEM.

BCHD also ignored 1,200 petition signers and 100+ residents at its June 17, 2020 Board Meeting after BCHD dumped a new, taller design out after 6PM on Friday night June 12th to HIDE IT FROM THE PUBLIC.

Using misdirection, BCHD reduced the number of $12,500 assisted living units at the same time it removed 160,000 sqft of underground parking and proposed an 8-10 story parking ramp above neighborhoods around Prospect & Diamond. The net outcome - BCHD reduced units and increased surface buildings by nearly 100,000 sqft. BIGGER and TALLER.


Why would Neighbors continue discussions with BCHD?

The Cities of Torrance and Redondo Beach have the final say, as independent finders-of-fact that are obligated to protect residents using the full force of the Municipal Code. And BCHD's plans do not comply with the RBMC. BCHD has moved the increased both the size and height of the project its first 2019 EIR-revealed design.

There is no reason to meet and allow BCHDs $1M annual PR budget and $800,000 project PR budget and $10,000 per month out-of-town PR consultant to continue to misrepresent the neighborhoods' positions. OUR WRITTEN COMMENTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

StopBCHD has provided Bakaly and the BCHD Board with four separate sets of comments that are clear - TOO TALL - TOO BIG - TOO CLOSE TO HOMES.

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