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BCHD Plan Fails Redondo Beach Policy 1.46.4 "scale, mass, character"

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Redondo Beach policy requires that BCHD design and project be "compatible in scale, mass, character, and architecture with ... neighborhood in which they are located."

BCHD claims it's 300,000 sqft proposed Phase 1 building at 109.7-feet above Beryl & Flagler Streets, located on the edge of the site thereby MAXIMIZING visual height and mass, has "No Conflict" with Redondo Beach policy.

BCHD current buildings (the former and failed South Bay Hospital assets) are 99% under 52-feet tall. Further, the only 76-foot tall area is the 968-sqft "Penthouse"that is located nearly dead center in the campus, minimizing its visual height and mass from all sides of the site and the surrounding neighborhoods.

When completed, Phase 1 and 2 of the BCHD concrete compound will be 800,000 sqft, which is larger than the ENTIRE BERYL HEIGHTS neighborhood. Obviously 800,000 sqft is OUT OF SCALE at a minimum.

BCHD's determination of "No Conflict" is plainly and clearly FALSE and was stated, and approved by only BCHDs Board. BCHD's design is clearly NOT COMPATIBLE - and the REQUIREMENT in Code is that it be COMPATIBLE.



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