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BCHD CEO Bakaly Again Denying the Taxpayer-Owners' Access to BCHD's Project has completed transcription of BCHD's Board meetings and selected other BCHD meetings. They provide a clear record of BCHD's disdain for the taxpayer-owners' right to information and BCHD's intent to continue operating in the shadows on the privatization of public lands.

During the December 2022 meeting, Bakaly stated:

44:29 just as I did the other day urge people to um but let's be patient let's hold

44:35 judgment until we see what's actually applied for

BCHD is operating in the shadows and intends to continue with an information blackout to the public so that it can again blindside the public and taxpayer-owners in its filing at the City of Redondo Beach as it did in the 2019 CEQA EIR NOP, the 2020 June Board Meeting, the 2021 CEQA Draft EIR, and the 2022 City of Redondo Beach Pre-CUP filing.

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