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BCHD Breached Fiduciary Care - Structural and Liability Insurance

BCHD Seismic Consultant #2 raised commercial questions about how long the taxpayer-owned 514 N Prospect (hospital) building would have damage repair, business interruption and other liability from a major earthquake.

Remember - BCHD reports no records of any seismic damage in the 60+ years of operation - including Sylmar, Northridge, Landers, etc.

BCHD had a fiduciary obligation to the TAXPAYER-OWNERS of the building to investigate the cost of insuring for such risks.


BCHD BOARD and $2.4M annual salary EXECUTIVES have breached the TRUST OF TAXPAYER-OWNERS

Please see below (in red) for the District’s response to your public records request received 5/16/24 that reads:

Provide all hazard and liability insurance quotes for continued operation of the 514 N Prospect building until beyond 2025.


See attached. There are no records for insurance estimates/quotes beyond June 2025.

If you believe we have not correctly interpreted your request, please resubmit your request with a description of the identifiable record or records that you are seeking.

Please note that the District may not respond to questions or comments included with your request that are not themselves requests for identifiable public records under the California Public Records Act. The lack of response by the District to any such questions or comments, including follow-up questions and comments, is not an indication of the District’s position on any topic or item, and should not be presented as such to any person.

Thank you.

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