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FORMATION OF BCHD – No Public Approval Required

According to the State, County, Daily Breeze, LA Times, Public Records Act, and Superior Court research, South Bay Hospital District (District) was an Independent Special District, formed on January 18, 1953 under the State Health and Safety Code. The South Bay Hospital opened in 1960, was financially failing in the 1970s, and was closed by 1984.

On June 1, 1984 the South Bay Hospital District leased the South Bay Hospital facility to American Medical International, Inc, thereby ending the District’s involvement in the acute general care hospital. Because South Bay Hospital District no longer owned or operated a hospital, the public was confused as to the reason for the District’s existence.

Rather than fold the district after the failure of the hospital, SBHD renamed itself Beach Cities Health District in 1993. That formation of BCHD required no public approval and no longer fulfilled the reason the District was formed, which was to provide an acute care hospital for the benefit of Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach. BCHD kept all the cash, assets, land, buildings and future tax revenues the voters intended for the Hospital District.


The current BCHD site on Prospect Ave was condemned by the Hospital District for the benefit of the residents of Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach. BCHD serves none of the vote-approved requirements of the Hospital District, and without a public vote, has elected to lease significant portions of the public owned and zoned land to a private, commercial Developer/Owner/Operator. That D/O/O will build 300,000 sq-ft of 110-ft tall building along Flagler and Beryl streets for use as assisted living (RCFE), adult daycare (PACE), youth mental health services (“allcove”), and administrative offices.

The current buildings on the site are generally located in the center, thereby minimizing their mass, bulk, and visual height. The proposed buildings are planned for the perimeter of the site, thereby MAXIMIZING their mass, bulk and visual height.

The current campus buildings are 312,000 sq-ft according the BCHD State filings. The proposed buildings are 792,000 sq-ft, or, nearly 300% the size of the current facility. For reference, all Beryl Heights homes added together are 700,000 sq-ft or less.

The current campus has 0.3% (968-sqft) at 76-feet tall, and 99%+ at 52-feet or lower. The proposed facility has 300,000 sq-ft at 109.7-feet above Beryl & Flagler (83-feet above the interior courtyard). The proposed facility will also have an 8-10 story parking garage at Prospect and Diamond, and a 4-story, roughly 70-foot tall facility along Prospect between Diamond and Beryl.



312,000 sq-ft 792,000 sq-ft +500,000 sq-ft (+150% sqft)

0.3% (968 sq-ft) @ 76-feet tall 38% (300,000 sq-ft) @ 83-feet +300X sqft above 76-ft

99%+ (311,000+ sq-ft) under 52-ft 85% (700,000 sq-ft) over 52-ft +700X sqft above 52-ft

FACILITIES FROM DEVELOPER/OWNER/OPERATOR TO SERVE MAJORITY NON-RESIDENTS OF HERMOSA, MANHATTAN, REDONDO BEACH According to BCHD's consultant, MDS, the assisted living will be less than 20% RESIDENTS and over 80% NON-RESIDENTS/NON-TAXPAYERS of the Beach Cities that OWN BCHD. The majority of tenants in the $12,500/month ocean-view facility will be from Palos Verdes Peninsula (40%, or twice as many tenants as all three Beach Cities).

According to statistics from the National PACE Association, only 1 in 1000 seniors uses a PACE facility, since it requires being Medicaid-certified for nursing home occupancy, and having a safe current living environment. As such, only 17, or only 4% of PACE users will be RESIDENTS. The other 383 or 96% will be NON-RESIDENTS.

According to BCHD press releases, the young adult mental health facility, "allcove" will service only 9% RESIDENTS and 91% NON-RESIDENTS/NON-TAXPAYERS. BCHD accepted a service area that includes Torrance, PV, and Long Beach, among other cities to service with TAXPAYER-owned facilities and staff from Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach.

In summary, the facility proposed by BCHD is for 80% to 96% NON-RESIDENTS on publicly owned and zoned land, and will be DEVELOPED/OWNED/OPERATED by a private, commercial 3rd party. 100% of the DAMAGES of CONSTRUCTION and OPERATION will be DUMPED into the BEACH CITIES FOR only 4-20% of the BENEFITS.


BCHDs Proposal is Visually Identical to a 1955 Miami Beach Hotel in a COMMERCIAL High Rise Zone and has No Place in RESIDENTIAL 30-FT MAXIMUM NEIGHBORHOODS

BCHD has increased and moved the Mass, Bulk, and Visual Height of buildings to the Perimeter of the site, thereby DWARFING the current buildings. The current site-centered hospital building's 968 sqft "penthouse" only rises to 3rd floor of the proposed building, while the 99%+ (311,000 sqft) of the existing campus only reaches 2nd floor of the proposed building. The proposal is visually many times more mass, bulk, volume and height.

The City has Recently Approved an Assisted Living in Residential and Light Commercial Zoning on P-CF Land. It was required to be compatible with the neighborhoods.

Viewed from Beryl & Flagler, BCHD Perimeter Built, Taller than 99.7% of the Existing Buildings is Visually Enormous and Fails any Reasonable Mass or Bulk Compatibility Evaluation

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