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allcove is a County program - NOT A BCHD DISTRICT PROGRAM

allcove for all?

Dear ER:

Thanks to reporter Garth Meyer for his informative story on the Beach Cities Health District’s grant for allcove (“State grant to fund building of allcove,” ER June 1, 2023). I am puzzled, however, why BCHD thinks it’s appropriate to use District land, staff, and resources to develop an allcove South Bay center for the use of the 23-plus cities. When the District was formed, it was for the benefit of the “residents who reside” in the District. When you do that math, 91 percent of allcove clients will be non-residents, based on the allcove obligation to serve LA County SPA8 Planning Area, from Avalon to Wilmington.

Is allcove a worthwhile program? We don’t know yet, but even if it is, BCHD is not the proper administrator.

At the most recent BCHD Board meeting, the District revealed that taxpayers are on the hook for a 10 percent copay on the latest $6 million grant. That is $600,000 for this out of District program. And BCHD revealed it can’t run allcove on the funding it has, and the Board allocated another $100,000-plus in taxpayer funding from the District for next year’s budget. That’s 120,000 residents of the District subsidizing an area of 1.4 million people. Last, BCHD CEO Tom Bakaly seemed to also inform the Board the the costs of allcove-supporting BCHD executives ($2.3M per year) and perhaps even BCHD staff weren’t being charged to allcove. Isn’t that the LA County Department of Public Health’s responsibility?

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