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Update: allcove's MB/RB/HB Taxpayer Obligation Nears $175M - BCHD reveals it provides free overhead costs to allcove

Updated: May 26

BCHD recently revealed (5/22/24) that it provides $500,000 to $700,000 annually in overhead support to allcove at no charge to allcove.

Reminder, allcove is a 91% non-resident service area. BCHD is obligated to operate the program and its building for a minimum 30 years without any current funding stream beyond June 2026. In all cases, funding shortfalls from donations and grants appear to be the responsibility of the District's Taxpayers alone.

The total estimated 30-year cost of allcove to Taxpayers, including the repayment of the $10M portion of the BCHD proposed $30M bond dedicated to allcove is $174,927,550

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