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How can BCHD not track where it spends our tax funds?

We residents of HB/MB/RB founded, funded, and own BCHD. Yet, BCHD spends our taxpayer funds on non-residents and DOESN'T EVEN TRACK IT. How can BCHD be that inept?

When we asked BCHD for a breakdown on spending, we got NO DOCUMENTS. BCHD doesn't even track taxes flowing OUT OF THE DISTRICT.

allcove - 91% non-resident service area

RCFE - 80% non-resident tenants

PACE - 95% non-resident enrollees

Covid testing - 84% non-resident testing


Please see below for the District’s response (in red) to your request dated 6/14/21 that reads:

1. For the 3 beach cities that own and fund BCHD, 90277, 90278, 90266, and 90254, provide the breakdown of the annual cost of services provided in each zip code for the year 2019. If 2019 is not available, provide the breakdown of services for whatever year is available. (no documents responsive)

2. Based on statistically valid evaluation, provide the net benefits for those same zip codes of services provided by BCHD, that is, gross benefits less cost of service provision. (no documents responsive)

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