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Ending the BCHD Doublespeak on "allcove"- 91% of "allcove" service is for Non-resident/Non-Taxpayers

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

BCHD posted its "allcove" service area online at

Simple math demonstrates that BCHD will be using the staff, resources, land, buildings, and leases of the District to service 1.3M non-resident/non-taxpayers and only 122,000 RESIDENT/TAXPAYERS in the three Beach Cities that voted to Found and Fund the District and provide the District with ongoing Property Tax Funding and the use of Taxpayer-owned Land and Buildings to collect rents.

Since BCHD is providing benefits to over 10X as many NON-RESIDENTS as residents in "allcove" why is BCHD signing a 20 year lease agreement at a cost of over $8M for 91% NON-RESIDENTS?

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