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BCHD will spend 78% of all our Resident Property Tax Receipts on allcove without $175M in operating grant funding

allcove BCHD's Service Area is 91% Non-Residents of BCHD and 9% HB/RB/MB Residents

Due to a $6M grant from the State BHCIP for allcove BCHD building construction, BCHD is 100% responsible for 30 years of operations of allcove BCHD services and building for the full 1.4M population service area.

allcove Service Area is LA County Health Service Planning Area 8

Full 30-year Cost of allcove to HB/RB/MB Taxpayers unless BCHD Raises $175M in Grants/Donations for allcove and allcove Consumes 78% of all Future BCHD Property Tax Revenues

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