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BCHD's Million Dollar PR Ploy Can't Change the TRUTH

In response to BCHD's essay on PACE facilities (or perhaps paid advertorial), let's be really clear, the District was formed by the voters of Hermosa, Redondo and Manhattan Beach (Beach Cities) to provide services to the "residents who reside ... in the District." That's what the District told the Superior Court in filings, and that's what the Court approved following the election.

So how many seniors use PACE? According to the PACE trade association, 60,000 seniors of the about 60 million seniors nationally use PACE services. That's 1 in 1,000 seniors. How many seniors are in the Beach Cities? The answer is 16,000, so, we need space for 16 PACE enrollees. How large of a facility is BCHD building? The answer is to have 400 enrollees, or about 20-times the size needed for the Beach Cities. Providing commercial services to non-residents is the current theme of BCHD business activities. Yes, this is clearly a commercial service, since Altamed has 11 PACE facilities listed in the area, and there are other providers as well.

BCHD's privately developed/owned/operated assisted living will serve 80% non-residents. BCHD's PACE facility will serve 95% non-residents. BCHD's "allcove" program serves 91% non-residents. Only the Beach Cities voted to establish the District, fund the District, issue bonds for construction, and continue funding. On average, BCHD's "Wealthy" Living Campus will serve 90% non-residents that never paid a dime in taxes to the District. BCHD also plans to pay over $1.5M annually to the private developer to rent space for "allcove" and PACE for non-residents.

It's our public land and our taxes, but we've lost total control of BCHD. Never did anyone imagine 90% non-residents would be the new normal for a District that sits on Public Owned and Zoned land in Redondo Beach.

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