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BCHD's allcove Decisions - Amateur? Incompetent? Negligent?

BCHD Accepted 100% Cost Liability for only 9% District Taxpayer Service Area Benefit - BCHD applied for an allcove operating funding grant. It lasted until June 30, 2026. Terms of the allcove agreement were that BCHD must service an area of 1.4M population in LA County (SPA8). The District's Taxpayers are on the hook for 100% of the costs, even though the District is 9% of the service area and Avalon to Long Beach to LAX is 91%

BCHD Accepted a $175M Cost Liability for only a $6M Grant - BCHD applied for a $6M grant to build an allcove building. The grant came with the condition that the building and the service MUST OPERATE for at least 30 years. That cost is about $175M. BCHD accepted a $175M, 30-year obligation for allcove for a small, $6M grant.

As a bonus, BCHD did not conduct the 30 year cost analysis before it signed up for the $6M Grant.

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