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BCHD PR SPIN: allcove - What's $1M in a $100M Obligation?

91% NON-RESIDENTS - allcove Beach Cities is legally contracted to service LA County SPA8 - that means - BCHD signed up to service Avalon to Long Beach using District Taxpayer land, money, buildings, staff, etc. and obligated District TAXPAYERS

30 YEAR TAXPAYER OBLIGATION - by taking funding to build its allcove building, BCHD signed taxpayers up for a MINIMUM 30 year obligation to operate the building as allcove. Of course - BCHD received NO 30 YEAR FUNDING SOURCE!

$30M TAXPAYER OBLIGATION FOR OPERATING THE BUILDING - BCHD is OBLIGATED to run the entity as allcove for at least 30 years. That's at least $30M in taxpayer funding just for maintenance, utilities, etc.

$30M-$60M-$90M-OR MORE TAXPAYER OBLIGATION TO OPERATE allcove - BCHD has no funding stream to operate allcove for 30 years, but IT HAS THE OBLIGATION. A million here, a million there WON'T DO IT. BCHD already uses District Taxpayer Funding to plug the gaps for 91% non-resident service area.

DONATION OF $5M OF TAXPAYER LAND TO allcove - BCHD should collect $250,000 to $500,000 per year lease fee from the TAXPAYER OWNED site that it plans to use for allcove.

Why are District Resident Taxpayers FUNDING A 91% NON-RESIDENT CLINIC?

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