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BCHD Plan Fails RBMC 10-2.2502 Planning Commission Design Review Sect b(1) "Utilities"

BCHD proposes to relocate its 16,000V transformer(s), 2,000kW polluting diesel generator(s), and likely 2,500 gallon or larger explosive fuel storage tanks to the south perimeter of the site, adjacent to Diamond St. The facility will also be less than 100-feet from residences.

BCHDs self-certified CEQA EIR documents failed to disclose the fact that toxic and explosive backup fuel tanks would be moved adjacent to Diamond St. That was hidden from the public.

BCHD currently has its electrical transformers, backup diesel generators and fuel stored well away from homes on the campus. This relocation jeopardizes the safety, health, air quality and vibration of homes and residents along Diamond.

As a result, BCHD proposed plan fails the PCDR condition following review of utilities, and the BCHD must relocate the utilities back onto the top of the site. If Edison wants to have a transformer substation, it can go to the CPUC and get a CPCN. And under no circumstances, should there be any equipment beyond a simple 16kV to 4kV step down transformer at the south perimeter – no generator and no fuel storage.

Over a year ago, BCHD marked out the area of the generator and fuel storage along Diamond and REFUSED to tell the public the use of the space – clear evidence that BCHD was hiding its intent from the public.

BCHD Fails to Even Acknowledge Residences on Diamond in its Pre-CUP Submission to the City of Redondo

BCHDs Self-Approved EIR Analysis Does Not Specify the Fuel Type, Size of Fuel Tank(s) or Specific Generator. The Self-Approval Cannot Be Valid for the Fuel Hazard or Generator Toxic Air Contaminants.

Generators Must be Tested and Operated, Even if Not Outages Occur. Residents have a RIGHT to Clean Air, Free of Toxics.

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