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Updated: May 26, 2022

Stop BCHD <>5:01 PM (4 hours ago)

To: Mayors, Councils and Planning Commissions of Torrance, Redondo, Manhattan and Hermosa BeachRegional Electeds LALAFCO Media To Whom It May Concern:

The letter below demonstrates using BCHD document references that BCHD has ignored both its 2017 commitments to stop damaging surrounding neighborhoods and comments from well over 1000 residents and surrounding neighbors to reduce the size of the BCHD compound plan. As shown, in 2017 BCHD acknowledged its damages to the surrounding neighborhoods and committed to surface parking and green buffer space. BCHD then proposed not one, but three further designs all built on the perimeter of a 30-foot+ elevated site. Further, BCHD increased the height of its proposal in the face of public objection from 60 to 76 to 103 feet tall from 2019 to 2021. Clearly, BCHD ignored public comment. Last, BCHD removed 160,000 sqft of underground parking that would be out of site and not a privacy and noise hazard to the community, and replaced it with an 8-10 story parking ramp (about 300,000 sqft). In short, BCHD made its commercial development CLOSER, TALLER and BIGGER to the surrounding neighborhoods, yet continues a false narrative that it responded to neighborhood concerns. BCHD not only IGNORED the neighborhoods, it increased the local damage level to property values, privacy, noise, and other made the commercial compound less compatible and more character damaging. The BCHD proposal as it stands is unacceptable to the surrounding residents. It fails to protect community rights under the Redondo Beach Conditional Use Permit, Planning Commission Design Review and Residential Design Guidelines.

The letter as a PDF -

-- STOP BCHD ( is a neighborhood community of residents concerned about the economic and quality-of-life damages that BCHDs 110-foot above the street, 800,000 sqft commercial development will inflict on our families for the next 50-100 years. Our neighborhoods have been burdened since 1960 and the damages outweigh any benefits.

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Krista Allen
Krista Allen
21 ביוני 2022

We need to VOTE on this $340,000,000 public use project. If it is necessary, we could issue bonds for finance. Let's put it to the voters! #speakup #LetTheVotersDecide

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