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BCHD CAN and SHOULD Limit Services to Residents Only!

The District was formed in the 1950s by the voters of Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo Beach. Voters = Residents. That's the law!

When the District filed the legal pleading with the Superior Court to CONDEMN the land on Prospect, the District stated to the Court that the project was for the benefit of the "residents who reside" in the District.

CLEAR ENOUGH! The District had just had 2 votes - one to establish the District and one to fund it. The District Board was CLEAR on its mission - and it wasn't allcove (91% non-residents) or PACE (95% non-residents) or assisted living (80% non-residents) or LA County Covid testing (84% non-residents).


The Los Angeles Local Area Formation Commission wanted to be 100% clear before it voted on the BCHD service review last year that BCHD CAN LIMIT SERVICES TO RESIDENTS ONLY.

Immediately before the vote last September, the Commission double checked for assurance and was told that BCHD, like other Districts, CAN limit services to residents. Here's the audio link: This is a LAFCO commissioner speaking and asking Paul Novak (the executive officer) for assurance that BCHD CAN limit services. Novak replies that the Commission is correct.

The time has come for BCHD to stop using Taxpayer funds, Taxpayer land, Taxpayer buildings, Taxpayer paid employees, Taxpayer cash reservices, and Taxpayer property taxes to service NON-RESIDENTS.

BCHD's Wealthy Living Campus is an 80% to 95% non-resident commercial venture and BCHD must NOT waste taxpayer land for 95 years to service a SUPERMAJORITY of non-residents.

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