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BCHD Campus was Condemned for the Benefit of the RESIDENTS of the District

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

South Bay Hospital District was formed to build, own and operate a PUBLIC HOSPITAL for the benefit of Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo. It condemned private developer land on Prospect Ave for the purposes of the hospital and the benefit of the RESIDENTS.

So why is BCHD allowing a private commercial developer to lease that PUBLIC land? BCHD is searching for what it calls "Developer/Owner/Operator" to lease the land. That's straight out of BCHD Board Reports

Write for the Mayor, Council and Planning Commission and tell them that BCHD cannot use Redondo Beach as a dumping ground for commercial development for:

80% non-resident assisted living

96% non-resident PACE

91% non-resident "allcove"

BCHD must follow the Court filings and BENEFIT the Residents of the District - NOT A VAST MAJORITY WEALTHY NON-RESIDENTS


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