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BCHDs Propaganda Machine is Spending OUR TAX MONEY Against Us to Jam a Private Developer/Owner/Operator and Non-Resident Occupied Project Over Our Objections

-Email Friends and Neighbors to Sign-up at

-Post on Nextdoor, Facebook, and other Social to direct Neighbors to

-Email to be on our mailing list

- Contact your HOA and Neighborhood Associations.

-Tell your Neighborhood Watch block leader.

-Students will be impacted by traffic for generations - contact your PTA to get the message out.

-Property values are at risk - contact local real estate agents


BCHD Proposal violates RBMC 10-2.2506 Conditional Use Permits, RBMC 10-2.2502 Planning Commission Design Review, and Residential Design Guidelines. BCHD Proposal negatively impacts privacy, property use & values, and public health with fuel storage and electricity generation at street level. BCHD Proposal is also inconsistent with neighborhood character, balance, mass, design and scale. BCHD Proposal also fails to respect the natural terrain of the elevated site by proposing 110-feet above the streets by building on the site perimeter. All are violations of the RBMC or Residential Design Guidelines. BCHD Proposal is inconsistent with the Kensington assisted living project that was approved in 2016 and required a height of 33-feet, a Santa Barbara design, earth tone colors, and modifications to respect surrounding privacy. 

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