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District Taxpayers MUST NOT FUND the 91% Non-Resident allcove Building, Operating, or Rent Costs

BCHD only received $6.3M in state funds to build the estimated cost $10M+ allcove building. The allcove service area is required to be LA County SPA8 which is 91% NON-RESIDENTS of the District.

BCHD must operate the building for a minimum of 30 years based on the funding agreement. BCHD received NO ONGOING FUNDING - thereby saddling Taxpayers with the $30M to $90M operating cost risk for 30 years.

BCHD Taxpayers MUST NOT PAY any of the cost from $6.3M to BCHD's estimated $10M+

BCHD Taxpayers MUST NOT PAY any of the allcove operating costs for 30 years

BCHD Taxpayers MUST BE PAID RENT by allcove for the $5M Taxpayer owned site

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