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BCHD Gift of TAXPAYER LAND to allcove - The $4M lot at Flagler & Beryl

District = 9% of allcove service area, Redondo Beach = 5% of allcove service area

allcove Beach Cities is contracted for services to LA County Health SPA8, an area from Avalon to Long Beach to El Segundo with 1.4M population. BCHD taxpayers are only 9% of that population and Redondo Beach residents are only 5%.

BCHD's allcove Freebie - Fair Market Value Lot = $4M, Annual Lease Value $250,000

Despite being only 9% of the service area and having no future funding stream for operation of allcove, BCHD offered to donate control of the lot at Flagler & Beryl to allcove. Neither a sale of the lot, nor a lease were arranged by BCHD to compensate taxpayers.

BCHD Also Signed an Unfunded Agreement to Operate the allcove Facility for 30 Years

In order to receive State funding of $6M for the nearly $10M cost of the allcove building, BCHD executed an agreement with the State requiring operation of the building for a minimum of 30 years. There is no funding stream for operations and maintenance of the building.

Why Has BCHD Left District Taxpayers On the Hook for allcove Costs - We're Only 9%

$4M for the shortfall in allcove building construction costs

$3M for the 30 year MINIMUM operation of the building

$??M for the 30 year requirement that the building continue for mental health

$7.5M for the 30 years of free rent at $250,000/yr for the Flagler & Beryl lot

It appears that the BCHD Board wanted a PR Win SO BADLY that it indebted District Taxpayers at 100% for an allcove Beach Cities facility and operation when the District is only 9% of the contracted Service Area.

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